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Share your schedule with your family, hire caregivers, post jobs, create and share your dependents schedule, and import your work calendars. CareCal makes communicating your schedule with your family and caregivers a breeze. Keep track of your kids with parental controls, send job requests to your caregiver, all with live notifications to keep you up to date. CareCal was created by a family who has complicated schedules that needed a simple way to communicate their schedules with their kids and caregivers. CareCal is built on top of Google Calendar and Apple Calendar which gives you tons of flexibility to view your schedule in different places, create alerts, automate your schedules, and stay up to date anywhere.

Safety is our main concern. CareCal requires a monthly fee of $3.99 per month for all users, which accomplishes two things. It filters out spam users, and it means we don't need to run advertisements and/ or sell user information, which again, creates a safer environment for you and your family. CareCal also requires a Facebook account to insure all users identity. Users only need to sign up once and their payment will recur every month. Users can cancel their payment in iTunes or in the settings. Users cannot access all of the capabilities of the app without purchasing a Premium Account.


Available for iOS

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Android coming soon.