How To Use CareCal

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At first log in, users can type their family members names in and send them sync calendar requests,

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or you can find them by navigating to the home tab and tapping the top left hand corner. This will open up the user menu. Tap the “Find User” and type your family members name into the search bar. Once their image appears tap it to navigate to their profile page. From here, if you are not already synced, you can tap the “Sync Calendar” button to send them a request. If they accept, you will see each other's calendars in your home tab and be able to send event requests.

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Users can create, update, and delete other synced user's events but they must get permission first. To send an event request you may tap on the area to the right of their image in the home tab. The event editor will open; tap the header that says “Add New Event”. From here you will be able to create and event and send a request to the user to create it.

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If you wish to edit an event, select the “Day Events” tab. Here you will find all the events for the selected user on the selected day. From here you can either click delete to send a delete request. Click the “Edit button” to edit the event, and update it to your desired settings. Click the “Request Event Update” button and they will receive a request to update the event.

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Find a user by tapping on the home tab and tapping the top left corner. From here you can select the “Find User” button and type in the desired users name. Tap on the users image to navigate to their profile. By selecting the “Hire as Caregiver”, you can send this user a request to become a your caregiver.

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If they accept, they will appear in your home tab, along with any jobs created for them pertaining to your dependents. Any time an employer creates a job for a caregiver, the caregiver will receive a job request. Jobs will appear in the hired caregivers home view just like any other event, except when they tap on a job event to view its details, it will be marked as a job. The caregiver cannot see the employers schedule. Caregivers can only see events that the employer has created for them. Employers and caregivers can be removed at anytime by navigating to their profile, and un-syncing.

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A user can be a dependent, or you can create a dependent internally if they wont be managing their own schedule. In order for a user to become a guardian over another, one user must be a guardian and one must be a dependent. This can be set by the users themselves in the user menu under the “Profile Settings” tab and clicking “My Role”.

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In order to sync another user as a dependent, you must first have synced calendars as seen in the "Share Schedules" section above. Navigate to the desired guardian or dependent by tapping their image on the home page. Tap the "Mark as guardian" button if you are a dependent, or "Mark as dependent" if you are a guardian. If the dependent has any current guardians, they will have to approve the request before it will take effect.

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If you have dependents that won't be managing their own schedule such as elderly family or children under the age of 13 you can create as many dependents as you want internally within the app for free. To do this tap the “Dependents” button in the user menu, and then the “Add New Dependent” button at the bottom.

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When you create a dependent you have the ability to create, update, and delete events for them just like you would do for yourself. You also have the ability to share that "internal dependent" with your other synced users who can manage that dependent's calendar as well. To do so, tap the dependent’s image in the dependents page to navigate to their profile and click the “Share Dependent” button. Tap on any of your synced users to share your dependent with them.

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Guardians have complete control over their dependent’s schedule. They can create, update, or delete a dependents event without approval from the dependent. A user who is a dependent can change their role at any time. When a user changes their role, every user with whom they are synced with will be notified with the exception of their caregivers and employers.

Once a user becomes your dependent, you and the other guardians have control over all the requests that dependent receives. Dependents can send requests too, but they will go to the guardians for approval before they go to the person whom they are requesting. Dependents can also become caregivers for other users, but all job requests must be approved by their Guardians first.

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CareCal looks at your local calendar app that exists in your phone and pulls in the calendars you choose. At first launch you can choose your calendars or navigate to the "Profile Settings" in the user menu and then tap on "My Calendars". If one or more of the calendars you have selected contain a Microsoft Exchange calendar you will be prompted to enter in your Microsoft credentials. When a user creates an event from scratch it gets saved to the calendar that you have set as your Default in your local calendar app.

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Part of what sets CareCal apart from most calendars is its ability to keep you up to date with every change that occurs in your calendar. Live push notifications happen for many different reasons in CareCal. Here are some:

Having notifications happen live as they happen is crutial to making plans because things can change at the last moment. To disable push notifications, just go to your settings app and tap "Notifications". You should be able to scroll down to see CareCal on your list of apps. Tap on CareCal from here to set your push notifications to your desired settings. Push notifications take about 24 hours to start working upon first log in.


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CareCal includes a built in messenger to communicate with your family, caregivers, and employers.


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We try to make being a guardian as easy as possible, so we've come up with some shortcuts to make things quicker. Some of your dependents events may require transportation. If a dependent has an event that has a travel time, tap on the area to the right of your dependents image. On the "Day Events" tab in the event inspector you'll see a small car icon. If you click this icon you will be able to auto create the transportation events in your calendar. This makes transportation communication much easier among guardians.

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